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Rob Stenson
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Rob Stenson bought this on CD way back when, used to listen to the huge bass sound on I Hate You Forever over & over again while driving to high school, one of my all time favorite sounds. Favorite track: I Hate You Forever.
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Domotic's second album!


released May 1, 2006

Written Performed Recorded and Produced by Domotic/ Stephane Laporte 2001-2004
Mastered by Emiliano Flores @ El Funken studio, Ayacucho
Released by Active Suspension



all rights reserved
Track Name: I Hate You Forever
I'll never return to this sad place again
How i hate you small town!
Will i hate you forever?
Track Name: Tonsil
Today i'm sick i'll stay in bed
That doesn't change me a lot
I'm used to staying all by myself now
You know it's true
I don't know how to talk to people
I don't know how to be fun
I'm not of the kind that people miss
I know it's true
I spend most time next to the phone
Alone and waiting for you
To call and ask how i am doing
I hope you'll do
Track Name: Hugs & Kisses
I Will drink again this year
I've been saving up all year
I've been so out of town
You're allways around

I make music on my own
I don't mind being alone
I just bought a grey IBook
You don't know what it took
Track Name: Captain Forest's Word Of Advice
Hey captain forest says the angry ridden squirrel
Cap' shows up in no time still holding his shovel
Fat Al the jackal told me a thing so very evil
he said that kick-ass powers they're all invisible
The guy above what was he, drunk or something?
he did not even bother to give them flesh and skin
gravity, love, time and even championship yoyo
those things they rule the wolrd and we can't see them
holding a sigh, troubled captain says to the little angry squirrel
"when we kiss, we're just like goldfish"

Hey captain forest says Debbie the airline hostess
cap shows up in no time all sweaty from feet to chest
oh why is it my left thumb gets all swollen
whenever depression shows up its nasty head
and how can i decently keep on working
when my favorite airplanes are the ones that are crashing
i wish i was more intellectually challenging
but i know i'm not and so it makes me sad oh oh oh
holding a sigh, the troubled captain says to the down, down , down hostess
"when we kiss, we're just like goldfish"

(tea time interlude)

hey captain forest cries out loud ricky the raccoon,
all dressed up in his home-made corpse painting
what is your question this time dear Mr Richard,
asks the bewildered captain impressed at the raccoon's garb
the raccoon he doesn't wait a sec to ask his question,
dribling with fear and haste and priapic excitation
oh please don't laugh at my silly obsession
why is it boys can't think a thought with topless girls around?
holding a sigh , troubled captain says to the satanistic raccoon
"when we kiss, we're just like goldfish"
Track Name: NYEPS Club
Here is another day
Here is another year
We'll drink all night
Instead of sleep

We have an axe to slay
We'll bleed your friends and dears
We'll smash and fight
Instead of sleeping
Track Name: There May Be A Tiger
There are pictures everywhere
there are sculptures and there are chairs
retired teachers but they don't stare
an installation no-one cares about
and there may be a tiger that hurt you
but i will go nowhere
cause there's a bar under the stairs
and your friends will all be there
there are students with greasy hair
and they have shoes i hadn't seen before
and there may be a tiger that hurt you